Xylophone (Big)


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The Xylophone (Big) has been a huge hit during our offline stalls!


Along with having eight colourful rungs, the xylophone also has two wooden sticks that are used to tap on the rungs to create music.


You’ll have bought this toy for your kid, but you’ll (most likely) end up playing with this, more than your kid! Welcome to our world! 😉


P.S.: WE love it so much that we keep tinkling away to glory, while sitting at our offline stalls as well! Come catch us red-handed at our stalls in Bangalore. For more info, visit Stalls & Locations (Link in header).


P.P.S.: While you’re at it, give your kid a chance to show off their musician skills this Diwali. You have bells and jingles to pray to the Gods. Gift your kid this Xylophone so that they can make their prayers heard, in their own way, too!


Order your kid (or yourself!) a Xylophone now!


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