Hand-rolled Agarbattis by S.W.A.R.I


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A pack of hand-rolled, charcoal-free, masala agarbattis, that are sure to raise the energies in any place you light them.


The black incense sticks that are commonly available in the markets are the Charcoal incense sticks.  There are two issues with breathing in charcoal fumes, especially in small areas. First, it has an impact on health, and second, it depletes our ecosystem of its natural fossils.


The Masala Incense sticks by Swari Arts, are freshly made by 100% pure and natural ingredients, including using researched and carefully sourced herbs and essential oils. Since masala incense is manufactured from real dried ingredients, its quality will not deteriorate with time. It is made by mixing a variety of fragrant, solid ingredients into a paste and rolling it onto a bamboo stick.


Hand blended and rolled with utmost love and Adab (Respect), by the womenfolk of Ramanagar and Channapatna, these Masala agarbattis burn for at least 30 minutes,  and fragrance lasts as long as 12 hours in a room.


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