Wooden Agarbatti Stands by SWARI


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These agarbatti stands are made of wood and are crafted so that they look like a pair of Tablas from afar. Only when you come closer, do you realise that these are, in fact, agarbatti stands.


These agarbatti stands come in vibrant colours like Green, orange, yellow and red, and have the signature gloss that only the lac-coated woodwork of Channapatna possess.


You must’ve noticed that there are very small details on the body of the Tabla, without which it will not look like a tabla. Each detail is created by one particular artisan. So, essentially, making just he two Tablas involves upto 5 skilled artisans and your purchase can make a ton of difference to the families of these 5 artisans.


Tip: Pair this purchase with the Charcoal-free Masala Agarbattis and have your home and office spaces smell truly heavenly!


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