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Azaadi 1.0 is a unique, Desi, multiplayer, offline card game. It’s the first of its kind in the league of democracy and nationalism based strategy games.



Through Azaadi 1.0, we celebrate the sacrifice and the contributions of our freedom fighters, who helped set up the foundation of the nation called India.


This card game helps us to get to know interesting and rarely known facts about the life and achievements of these heroes.


Through this game, we hope to create a fun way to remember and honor these heroes, and make sure that they are a part of our present, as much as they are historic figures.


It is this vision that inspired to conceptualize Azaadi 1.0.



Azaadi 1.0 tests the players’ memory as well as strategic playing skills through it’s two styles of playing.



In both types of gameplay, to check if you got the facts right, we’ve prepared a Fact Sheet with the pictures of the Heroes, and two facts about each of them. You can download the PDF on our website.


www. azaadithegame.com


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