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The Goli Game is a fun, addictive and stress-relieving game, for children and adults alike. You put a marble into the topmost bucket, and the marble will come tumbling after!


You’ll get 3 marbles with each Goli game ( Goli = Marble), so you can play solo, or with friends. Trust us, it is such a glee to see the marbles falling from one bucket into another, only to neatly land on the circular landing space at the bottom of the toy!


This Diwali, keep your children busy with this Goli Game, while you partake in the rituals and the festivities!


Go on, order your Goli Game now!


P.S.: You can find us playing the Goli Game at some of our offline stalls as well! Come catch us red-handed at our stalls in Bangalore. For more info, visit Stalls & Locations ( Link in header).


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