Cartoon Rattle


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The Cartoon Rattle has been a huge hit during our offline stalls!


Along with having two jingles attached to its sides, that make it look like its hands, the cartoon rattle also bends its “waist” as it turns and twists with the movement of your hands!


The Cartoon Rattle comes with various heads (different cartoons, we mean!) and various colours of the body, all left to the imagination of the toymakers that create these rattles.


The colours used are food-based, which means that the toy is safe for your children to keep in their mouths. There are no chemicals used in the preparation of these Rattles.


You’ll have bought this toy for your kid, but you’ll (most likely) end up playing with this, more than your kid! Welcome to our world! 😉


P.S.: WE love it so much that we keep jingling away to glory, while sitting at our offline stalls as well! Come catch us red-handed at either VV Puram, or RR Nagar, in Bangalore on the weekends!


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